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Our vision

We believe that every imperfection is a strength to accomplish big things. No matter what your background, your age, your ethnicity group, we truly believe that you can achieve everything you want in life. This is why our design is unique and imperfect as every human being, that’s what makes every case so beautiful. Our cases are designed to not only protect, they are very slim so you can put them easily in your pocket. Choose the one that fits your style, the one that will reminds you how unique and capable you are to accomplish anything you desire.

Grapheinn in few words

We carefully selected 16 designs from one painting of a Quebec artist well known for his abstract art, Jean-Pier Lafrance. Only a limited quantity is available. Other painting will be available soon. Every painting are selected for specific reason, and represent different personality.

I have multiples cases for different occasion, they are very unique and beautiful.

julia hartmann