Jean-Pierre Lafrance

Born in Montreal, Quebec in 1943, Jean-Pierre Lafrance started studying drawing and painting at the International School of Fine-Arts at sixteen years of age. He relentlessly pursued his studies at Studio Salette in Montreal, worked in Jordi Bonet’s studio (one of the greatest sculptors and muralists in Canada) as well at Atelier de l’Île in Val-David (Quebec) where he learned to master the numerous lithographic and serigraphic techniques As a multidisciplinary artist, Jean-Pierre Lafrance creates a visual language of incommensurable structures, subject to the outburst of both real and unreal, the unlimited order of this dreamlike universe remains the material impulsion of a purely metaphysical language.

Over the years, Jean-Pierre Lafrance has participated in many group and solo exhibitions in Canada as well as abroad, notably in the United-States, in France and in Mexico. His works are actually in many private and public collections across the world. In addition to his pictural creations, he also created a series of three-dimensional works that now occupy numerous public spaces, industrial parks and commercial buildings. Many articles in various newspaper and magazines have been dedicated to him and to his work. He also participated in numerous radio and television broadcasts. Finally his works are pictured in various publications.